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TIPA open source project: Thermal Imaging-based Physiological and Affective computing (TIPA) open source toolkits
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TIPA opensource toolkit project

TIPA: Thermal Imaging-based Physiological and Affective computing

Lead contributor: Dr. Youngjun Cho, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, University College London (UCL)

Brief guideline

  1. Download Anaconda (latest version) - Python 3.7 (recommended)

  2. Install basic libraries on the Conda console.

    conda install -c conda-forge opencv

    conda install scikit-learn

    pip install --upgrade numpy

    pip install --upgrade matplotlib

    conda install -c anaconda scipy

    • For your information







      scipy (1.3.1)

  3. Run "TIPA_basic_run.ipynb" on the Jupyter notebook

    You can find a basic instruction on the notebook.

Key Reference

[1] Youngjun Cho and Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze. 2019. Physiological and Affective Computing through Thermal Imaging: A Survey. arXiv:1908.10307 [cs],

Further Technical References

[2] Cho, Y., Julier, S.J., Marquardt, N. and Bianchi-Berthouze, N., 2017. Robust tracking of respiratory rate in high-dynamic range scenes using mobile thermal imaging. Biomedical optics express, 8(10), pp.4480-4503.

[3] Cho, Y., Julier, S.J. and Bianchi-Berthouze, N., 2019. Instant Stress: Detection of Perceived Mental Stress Through Smartphone Photoplethysmography and Thermal Imaging. JMIR mental health, 6(4), p.e10140.

[4] Cho, Y., Bianchi-Berthouze, N. and Julier, S.J., 2017. DeepBreath: Deep learning of breathing patterns for automatic stress recognition using low-cost thermal imaging in unconstrained settings. In 2017 Seventh International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII) (pp. 456-463). IEEE.

[5] Cho, Y., Bianchi-Berthouze, N., Marquardt, N. and Julier, S.J., 2018. Deep Thermal Imaging: Proximate Material Type Recognition in the Wild through Deep Learning of Spatial Surface Temperature Patterns. In Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, ACM.

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