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Level Designer Toolkit (LDtk) is a modern, efficient and open-source 2D level editor with a strong focus on user-friendliness.

Links: Official website | Haxe API (on GitHub)

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Getting LDtk latest version

Visit to get latest version.

Building from source


  • Haxe compiler: you need an up-to-date and working Haxe install to build LDtk.
  • NPM: this package manager is used for various install and packaging scripts. It is packaged with NodeJS.

Installing required stuff

  • Open a command line in the ldtk root dir,
  • Install required Haxe libs:
haxe setup.hxml
  • Install Electron locally and other dependencies through NPM (IMPORTANT: you need to be in the app dir):
cd app
npm i

Compiling master branch

First, from the root of the repo, build the electron Main:

haxe main.debug.hxml

This should create a app/assets/main.js file.

Then, build the electron Renderer:

haxe renderer.debug.hxml

This should create app/assets/js/renderer.js.

Compiling another branch

If you want to try a future version of LDtk, you can checkout branches named dev-x.y.z where x.y.z is version number.


  • these dev branches might be unstables, or even broken. Therefore, it's not recommended to use, unless you plan to add or fix something on LDtk.
  • because dev branches might change quickly, you will need to update haxelibs often.
  • you will need to switch the LDtk haxe API to the same branch as LDtk repo. (adapt the branch name below accordingly):
haxelib git ldtk-haxe-api dev-0.6.0


From a command line in the app folder, run:

npm run start

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