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SQL Code Assistant plugin for IntelliJ IDEA provides extended editing capability
for SQL and PL/SQL code of the Oracle database.
The database objects are always at your fingertips no matter where they came from - the database
or sql scripts on the local File System. With the SQL Code Assistant you are able to browse
the objects, edit and execute SQL statements, navigate over the code, search for usages in
the database schema or scripts on the File System.
The plugin uses lexer and parser generated by ANTLR tool, thanks to Terence Parr (,
Feature list:
- Syntax and error highlighting
- Highlighting of keywords, types, system functions, table names, pl/sql varaible, etc
- Static code analysis (arithmetic expression evaluation, resolving references)
- Context aware code completion
- Viewing the Structure of SQL and PL/SQL code
- Code Navigation
- Code Formatting
- Quick object lookup (Ctrl-Shift-O)
- Find Usages tables, views, columns, function, procedures, etc over a database schema
or objects in the sql scripts on the local File System
- SQL and PL/SQL code execution with sortable query result (Ctrl-Shift-M)
- Code Folding and bracket matching support
- Code commenting
- Database Schema Browsing
- Connection management
Supported version IntelliJ IDEA 10.5
Instructions can be found in the SqlAssistantPlugin folder according to the version IDEA
(10 and 11 versions only are suported at the moment)
Serhiy Kulyk (