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The Browser / Node Client for deepstreamIO


For API documentation see the documentation page!

For tutorials see the tutorial page!

Usage with Typescript

This repository comes with the Typescript typings bundled. No need to download them separately!

Make sure the src/client.d.ts file is accessible to the Typescript compiler. Do this by making sure it's an included file in tsconfig.json by adding a typeRoots defininition. (Required Typescript 2.0 or higher.)

"typeRoots": [ "./node_modules/" ]

Install in react-native

For usage in react-native the bundled client available at dist/bundle/ds.js must be used. In order to automatically change the main file in package.json to the bundle file install as: DEEPSTREAM_ENV=react-native npm install @deepstream/client. Also the metro bundler must be configured. Check the documentation for more details