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[2.4.0] - 2017.07.01


  • Added new CLI command, including:

    • deepstream daemon
      This command forks deepstream and monitors it for crashes, allowing it to restart automatically to avoid downtime

    • deepstream service add
      This command allows you to create an init.d or systemd script automatically and add it to your system.

    sudo deepstream service --help
    Usage: service [options] [add|remove|start|stop|status]
    Add, remove, start or stop deepstream as a service to your operating system
  • Added brew cask support

You can now install easily install deepstream on your mac using brew cask install deepstream driven by config files within /user/local/etc/deepstream/conf


  • Fix issue where certain invalid paths would return 'Invalid Type' on the server.
  • Fix issue in request/response where selecting a remote server as not done uniformly.