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MuVi live

MuVi is a web application that lets users search and stream their favorite music videos. Inspired by Vevo, it is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

MuVi home page: MuVi home page:

Features & Implementation

###Quick search

Users can search for their favorite music videos in the most minimalistic way. Just enter a search term and click on the video to start playing. No annoying pop-ups or advertisements.

MuVi home page:

###Continuous stream

Users can minimize the player and continue to listen to their favorite songs while searching for what to play next.

MuVi home page: MuVi home page:

###User Experience

One of the primary goals of this project was to create a smooth, desktop-app like user experience in the browser. This was largely accomplished via simple UX design.

User testing was also completed to fine-tune application layout and interactions.

##Future directions

MuVi was designed and built in under 2 days, and as such there's still a lot of room for expansion. Future steps for the project are outlined below.

###Mobile responsive design

###User Playlists

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