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ziva live

ziva is a portfolio website built for an Indian Boutique based in Chicago. I used React.js to render components, jQuery to hide and show elements and CSS3 to style the portfolio website.

ziva home page:

Features & Implementation

###Modern scroll view of different pages

Unlike traditional websites, I designed and developed the home, about and contact pages as one long page, which using jQuery, users are able to scroll to different positions. This gives the website a minimalistic style, which was what the boutique owner wanted. ziva about page:

###Appointment Booking

Users are able to book an appointment by using the form on the contact page to choose a date and submit their information. I used the mailto action to prefill the email body and subject and email ziva upon submission. I used a google maps API to pin the location of the boutique. ziva contact page:

###Gallery View

Users are able to view the current bridal dress collection at ziva on the gallery page. I kept this page simple and will add more features as the owner suggests.

ziva gallery page:

###Mobile Optimization

The owner asked for mobile optimization since most of their customers will access the wesbite from a mobile device. I used CSS3 media query to change orientation of elements to fit mobile devices. I also changed the sizes of fonts and elements to satisfy mobile screens.

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