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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE configuration SYSTEM "clusters.dtd">
page meta bits need to expand frontend side to offer more than just opengraph stuff maybe foaf and rdf
<objectType name="pagemeta">
<text name="slug" label="Page Slug" />
<text name="windowTitle" label="Browser Window Title" />
<text name="description" label="Meta Description" />
<text name="socialDescription" label="Share Description" />
<text name="keywords" label="Page Keywords" />
<image name="img" label="Page Thumb">
<resize name="uithumb" width="90" height="90" forceDimension="height" />
<!-- link cluster -->
<objectType name="link">
<text name="label" label="Label" isMultiline="false" />
<text name="url" label="URL" isMultiline="false" />
<checkbox name="external" label="external" />
<!-- @Todo, create an image cluster so that it's not necessary to define it via the obecttype, although that gives you more control over the markup, still some defaults are nice -->