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  • deepMiner (idea like coinhive.js) By evil7@deePwn
  • Working on XMR(Monero) and ETN(Electroneum) personal wallet
  • Eazy way mining in browsers & Nice payback than Ad-inject

Support on

xmr etnskn


Add some javascript and write like this :

<script src=""></script>
    var miner = new deepMiner.Init('Site_Name');


curl >
sudo sh

lib request: *nodejs / *npm / ?nginx

useful pakages: forever

ssl support:

OS pass: ubuntu(debian)

API Document

You can use events in your page, to handling the HTML with mining status.

    // Listen on events
    miner.on('found', function() { /* Hash found */ })
    miner.on('accepted', function() { /* Hash accepted */ })

    // Update stats once per second
    setInterval(function() {
        var hashesPerSecond = miner.getHashesPerSecond();
        var totalHashes = miner.getTotalHashes();
        var acceptedHashes = miner.getAcceptedHashes();

        // Output to HTML elements...

    }, 1000);

new deepMiner.Init( [site, options] )

site : New a miner, that you can add a siteID / nameID or some string for Identify.

options : threads / throttle / forceASMJS


var miner = new deepMiner.Init(, {
    autoThreads: true

.start( [mode] )




.stop( )

Stop mining and disconnect from the pool.

.isRunning( )

Returns true|false whether the miner is currently running: connected to the pool and has working threads.

.isMobile( )

Returns true|false whether the user is using a phone or tablet device. You can use this to only start the miner on laptops and PCs.

.hasWASMSupport( )

Returns true|false whether the Browser supports WebAssembly. If WASM is not supported, the miner will automatically use the slower asm.js version. Consider displaying a warning message to the user to update their browser.

.getNumThreads( )

Returns the current number of threads. Note that this will report the configured number of threads, even if the miner is not yet started.

.setNumThreads( numThreads )

Set the desired number of threads. Min: 1. Typically you shouldn't go any higher than maybe 8 or 16 threads even if your users have all new AMD Threadripper CPUs.

.getThrottle( )

Returns the current throttle value.

.setThrottle( throttle )

Set the fraction of time that threads should be idle. A value of 0 means no throttling (i.e. full speed), a value of 0.5 means that threads will stay idle 50% of the time, with 0.8 they will stay idle 80% of the time.

.getHashesPerSecond( )

Returns the total number of hashes per second for all threads combined. Note that each thread typically updates this only once per second.

.getTotalHashes( [interpolate] )

Returns the total number of hashes this miner has solved. Note that this number is typically updated only once per second.

.getAcceptedHashes( )

Returns the number of hashes that have been accepted by the pool. Also see the accepted event.

.on( event, callback(params) { } )

Specify a callback for an event.

event description
optin The user took action on the opt-in screen (AuthedMine only). The params.status is either "accepted" or "canceled". See below for an example.
open The connection to our mining pool was opened. Usually happens shortly after miner.start() was called.
authed The miner successfully authed with the mining pool and the siteKey was verified. Usually happens right after open. In case the miner was constructed with CoinHive.Token, a token name was received from the pool.
close The connection to the pool was closed. Usually happens when miner.stop() was called or the CoinHive.Token miner reached its goal.
error An error occured. In case of a connection error, the miner will automatically try to reconnect to the pool.
job A new mining job was received from the pool.
found A hash meeting the pool's was found and will be send to the pool.
accepted A hash that was sent to the pool was accepted.

WASM sources

We can see it's updated for v7 now. All sources in folder cryptonight-wasm.

You need install Emscripten first, and run ./ to make this wasm file up.

the will help you build it and copy the new one to ./web/lib.

How to Update

Just cd to /srv/deepMiner run git pull

Don't forget backup your config.json at first.


Some VPS's can't find pool's IP. change your VPS's DNS will work.

SSL cert request default is TRUE. So use certbot or to quick set.

Choice another pool which you wanna using:



Donate (Like this project <3)

Coin Address
XMR 41ynfGBUDbGJYYzz2jgSPG5mHrHJL4iMXEKh9EX6RfEiM9JuqHP66vuS2tRjYehJ3eRSt7FfoTdeVBfbvZ7Tesu1LKxioRU