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A list of resources for tracking Ethereum data dashboards and tools for monitoring. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of the data published. Be aware of different biases and definitions used across dashboards.


With the Merge going through successfully, Ethereum has changed permanently. If you are not familiar with the details, here’s a good primer. The new process for adding transactions to the chain has significant trade-offs with respect to economics, energy usage, MEV, censorship-resistance, security and centralization.

The data is crucial to monitor, track and interpret progress of these dimensions. This post intends to provide a coherent library of twitter accounts, dashboards, data tools and other lists. We will do our best to keep it up to date, although this space moves very quickly.

If you have feedback, additions or questions, please make a pull request! Feel free to ping me on twitter if I'm not fast enough to approve. All help to keep this up-to-date is appreciated.



There are five types of resources:

  1. Twitter accounts to follow to understand the space (excl. accounts of the dashboards), e.g., @blink_labs_xyz
  2. Dashboards of live data, e.g.,
  3. Repos of tools you can use to extract data yourself
  4. Meta-lists which are lists in themselves
  5. Raw-data which are API's or published raw data


The resources cover different categories of data. For ease of use, the resources are classified according to what they are focused on.

Blocks: blocks built, proposed and finalized

Builder: proposes blocks to validators, through relays

Burn: Eth reduction of supply through fee burn due to EIP-1559

MEV: Maximal extractable value

MEV-Boost: Intermediate design towards full PBS, proposed by Flashbots

Validator: Consensus participant

Relay: Relays blocks from builders to validators

Rewards: Eth earned of different participants

Supply: Amount of eth in circulation and staked


Interesting because
EthStakerBot tweeting high proposer payments to validators Link MEV-boost, Rewards In the last week (28.09-05.10) the highest payment to validator was 30.896 ETH Personal
Tweets big MEV rewards Link MEV, Rewards 8 ETH paid out in miner rewards in one bundle ?
EF guy and definer of relay monitor specs Link MEV-boost, Relay Nice post EF
BloXroute COO Link Builder, Relay, Rewards, Validator Nice post BloXroute
Co-founder of Prysm labs and builder of Eth client Link Blocks, Validator Nice thing he linked to Prysmatic labs
Data analysts highlighting findings on block builders and others Link Builder, Relay, Validator Nice post Blink Labs


Interesting because
Mainnet MEV-Boost relay overview Link Blocks, MEV-boost, Relay, Rewards, Validator Flashbots
Flashbots MEV-Boost Relay and Builder Metrics Link Builder, MEV-boost, Relay, Rewards, Validator -A cumulative total of 2,823ETH was earned so far by FB Eth validators post merge
-FB MEV-Boost validators receive consistently ~10x block rewards vs. others
-41% of all validators run MEV-boost
MEV explorer by tx hash or block number Link Blocks, Fees, MEV, Rewards Not yet open-source, but alternative block explorers help us create new mental models for chains. Leaderboard of top searchers. Done by Metablock
Beacon chain validator ratings Link Validator Staking facilities have earned 839ETH and accrued 26ETH penalties as part of the Lido Pool to date Rated
Open source block explorer for Ethereum Link Blocks, Validator Last slashing was 39 days ago Bitfly GmbH
Inspect bundle rewards and txs Link MEV-boost, Rewards Marto from OpenZeppelin
Queryable relayer dashboard Link Blocks, Relay, Rewards 9 blocks provided by FB relay were ignored in the last day (26/9) Personal
Zeromev MEV explorer Link MEV, MEV-boost Frontrunning caused $3,462.20 in user losses in the last hour Zeromev
Dune dashboard from Chainsight Analytics on MEV Link Builder, MEV-boost FB block builders have a far superior success rate of 67% Chainsight analytics
Tracking relays and block builders. Link Builder, MEV-boost, Relay 83% of all MEV-Boost blocks are relayed via Flashbots Independent researcher
Flashbots Boost Relay status Link MEV-boost, Relay Mainnet uptime was 99.88% so far Kiln
Shows how eth is becoming ultrasound and not inflationary Link Burn, Supply, TVS, Validator Supply and burn rates are fundamental economic metrics:
-0.62 ETH are being burnt every minute (7d avg.) and the issuance offset is only at 0.54x


Interesting because
Exploring MEV post-merge Link Builder, MEV, Relay, Validator With less than 200k validators, base rewards with MEV are worth more missing the headers not, without MEV Flashbots
MEV-inspector for Ethereum to illuminate the 🌲💡 Link MEV Need to test myself but was too lazy to spin up a cluster so far Flashbots
Compares value delivered to proposers vs. bids from MEV-boost relays Link MEV-boost, Relay, Rewards Makes MEV earnings transparent Personal


Interesting because
Compendium of resources for Ethereum, but also other EVM chains and cosmos Link Fees, Gas, MEV Some overlap with this database, but with focus on gas fees and MEV Sovereign Signal
Relay list for Mainnet Link Relay Open call for relays from Lido. Only Flashbots, Bloxroute, Blocknative, Manifold and Eden responded and are running relays so far Lido
Relay list for Mainnet Link Relay Only 6 mainnet Relays are listed today, of which 2 are run by the same actor. Relays are critical infrastructure and have the power to break the system EthStaker


Interesting because
Full data dump from the FB relay Link Blocks, Fees, Gas, MEV-boost, Relay, Rewards, Validator No need to crawl the API anymore, just download raw data in a CSV/JSON! Flashbots

Thanks to everyone who keeps putting out amazing data-resources!


All things ethereum data related to PoS, MEV, PBS and other tasty things






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