[Deprecated] Easily create nibs with custom fonts
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FontReplacer Demo



Since iOS 3.2, you can use custom fonts in your apps but unfortunately, you can't use these custom fonts in Interface Builder. FontReplacer is a solution to this problem.

If your project contains nibs with a lot of labels, it becomes tedious to setup an outlet for every label and change the font in the code for each outlet. Instead choose a font that you won't be using anywhere in your app, e.g. Arial and use it in Interface Builder. Then create a mapping from Arial to your custom font, e.g. Caviar Dreams and let FontReplacer handle the replacement.

Here is what you see in Interface Builder vs what you see at runtime:
Font in Interface Builder Font at Runtime


  1. Copy UIFont+Replacement.h and UIFont+Replacement.m into your Xcode project

  2. Create a replacement dictionary in your Info.plist with the ReplacementFonts key, for example

     ReplacementFonts = {
     	"ArialMT" = "CaviarDreams";
     	"Arial-ItalicMT" = "CaviarDreams-Italic";
     	"Arial-BoldMT" = "CaviarDreams-Bold";
     	"Arial-BoldItalicMT" = "CaviarDreams-BoldItalic";
  3. Use Arial in your nibs everywhere you want Caviar Dreams

If you want more control, you can use the +[UIFont setReplacementDictionary:] method instead of defining the ReplacementFonts Info.plist key. Make sure to call this early enough, before any font is deserialized from a nib.