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A 5x15 keyboard

This is a keyboard project. That’s also my first hardware project, so in case if somebody would want to reuse it, be careful. Though I’ve built it and it works.

The keyboard has 5 rows and 15 columns (well, depends on how one counts, but approximately that much), and intended to be handy for emacs: has plenty of accessible modifier keys, and never requires to get too far from the home row.

More information, photos, and the build process description can be found in the ”building a keyboard” note.

Dependencies and software

The switches are borrowed from ergodox (and altered a bit), and the LuisDiazUgena/Teensy-3.1 library for kicad is used. KiCad and LibreCAD were used, by the way.

For the firmware, I’ve used PaulStoffregen/{cores, teensy_loader_cli}. Changes introduced to teensy3/Makefile:

 # configurable options

Then it can be built with NO_ARDUINO=1 make.


Hopefully without violating licenses of the reused bits, this project is GPL-licensed.