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Update from 2018: This no longer works. Tinder has removed the "Tinder Social" feature entirely. We did it I guess?


Stalk your friends on Tinder. Don't actually do that. It's just a description of what this code does.

To run it using Python 3, just do:

pip install -r requirements.txt

You'll then need to answer "y" to a prompt asking you if you really want to look at your real-life friends' Tinder profiles. Otherwise the app will quit. If you answer "y", the app will be available at http://localhost:5000.

Help it's not working

Listen pal you gotta put your Facebook id and Facebook auth token in SECRETS.json. I have no idea how to get these without sniffing the traffic of the Tinder app with mitmproxy. Or you can use any proxy, really. Or there's probably another way to do it. Or you could just close this page and go talk to them, I'm sure they're nice.

Why did you make this?

So people on Tinder would know that their Facebook friends could creepily stalk them.

Hey I have a really moral reason for using this code to stalk an actual human being I know

Do you though? Are you sure you wouldn't rather just close this page and talk to them? It's probably going to help you a lot more than this code is.


Find your Facebook friends' Tinder profiles. Don't actually use this by the way that's weird. Not even in a good way.




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