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Um hello I guess you're here because you want to look at the code for this or run it yourself.

The code is up there ^^^^ so I guess here's how you run it yourself.

What is this?

Oh, reading the blog post would really make that more clear.


Just run pip install -r requirements.txt

(virtualenv is for suckers right now)

You'll also need to supply some way of authenticating yourself to Facebook.

Do this by creating a SECRETS.txt file with the following lines:

uid=<Contains your Facebook user id>
cookie=<Contains your Facebook cookie>
client_id=<Contains your Facebook client id. Find it by inspecting the GET parameters sent when your browser requests `` using your browser's dev tools.>
excludes=<Contains your facebook friends ids which you want to exclude (optional)>

Download some data


This will run indefinitely and create data in "log". Depending on the number of Facebook friends you have, and how active they are, you can expect around 50-100MB/day to be written to disk.

Make some graphs

  1. Run python to convert all the raw log data into CSVs
  2. Run python to start the 100% CSS-free "webapp"
  3. Go to http://localhost:5000 to view the ultra-minimal "webapp"
  4. Paste the Facebook user id that you want to graph into the box.

You did it!


Roleplay as the NSA by making creepy graphs of your friends




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