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Making computers uncool again since 2019
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About Us

DC902 was founded in late 2019 to create a place for hackers, tinkerers, and security professionals to share ideas and projects. We are a inclusive group and welcome everybody no matter the background or skillset, if you are a n00b or 1337, you have a place here. Jeff Hann (ObiHann on Twitter, or VE1OBI on amateur radio) is the official leader pending any coups or mutinies.


  • We aim to prioritize social activity in this region by organizing gatherings to discuss security and other technical related topics on a regular basis
  • To have a community to share and learn from each other, in a safe and encouraging environment
  • To provide an environment of collaboration where new ideas can be explored and projects developed
  • To be a safe space for unsafe computing


Security, technology, and hacking are almost infinitely broad terms, and though we welcome any new ideas here are a few things we are passionate about:

  • Capture the flag activites (events, HTB, etc.)
  • Wireless (basically anything, from amature radio to monitoring plaines, to tracking data from your water meter)
  • Coding (software development, scripting, poetry for your computer)
  • Lock Picking (picking, raking, bypassing, re-keying)

Take a look at our topics page and see if there is anything that speaks to you, and feel free to submit a PR with your own ideas!


Halifax, Nova Scotia


We meet quarterly with occasional additional meetings, our next meeting:
Shodan: Safaris, Pirates, and Mapping the Internet
When: November 23th 730pm-845pm
Where: TBD


Show and Tell

Were all about learning, experimenting, and exploring here, and we encourage both discussion and showing off new ideas or technology. We have also amassed a small armoury of security related gear suck as lock picks, SDR's, proximarks, and similar, if you are interested in these check out the list of what we have and reach out if you want to see something. We will gladly bring it to a meeting for a demo.

Code of Conduct

In short, be awesome to your fellow humans and do not purposly do anything to make somebody feel uncomfortable or unwelcomed. If you feel uncomfortable in any way let somebody know and we will follow up.

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