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Pylagiarist is a plagiate detection script written in Python.

It recursively scans folders for files whose names match a certain pattern, compares each pair of files, and reports those whose similarity is beyond a given threshold.

Pylagiarist uses difflib's SequenceMatcher to compute similarities. If python-Levenshtein is installed, it also reports Levenshtein ratios for similar files.


Just run

in the folder containing the files you want to compare. Pylagiarist can take some switches, type -h

to learn about them.


Scan folders src1 and src2 for files with names ending in .html or .htm, but not matching index

pylagiarist -i '.html$' -i '.htm$' -x index src1 src2

Report similarities above 0.4 (computed by difflib)

pylagiarist -t 0.4

Print progress on stderr

pylagiarist -v