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Accessing the Build Server

Authenticating to the Build Server

You must be a member of the CyanogenMod organization.
Jenkins will authorize using OAuth to GitHub.

You must also make sure your CyanogenMod membership is not concealed. You can do that here:

Using the Build Server

Click the "android" job.
Configure what you want to build.
Build it.

Modifying the local_manifest.xml

Edit ics.xml (the ics local_manifest.xml) and submit a pull request.
Or edit gingerbread.xml (the gingerbread local_manifest.xml) and submit a pull request.

Adding Nodes to the Build Server

More nodes the better.
To add a node, please open an issue (or do it yourself within Jenkins) with a externally accessible username and host name that Hudson can use to connect via SSH.
Your build machine must also be completely/properly set up to support building Android. sudo/root access is not required.
You can also configure your node to only perform builds during certain hours. This will prevent your machine from being swamped when during the hours you are planning on using it.

The login provided should use allow access to the following public key via the authorized_keys file:

Jenkins Job Setup

The job uses the following script:

curl -O
. ./
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