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Secuela Variable Font - OFL 1.1 - 2018

Secuela is my new Variable Typeface (5 standard weights), Sans serif and condensed (Regular & Italics) with OFL license, of geometric construction and neo-Gothic style with short descenders and a humanistic finish in the curves to avoid the coldness of purely grotesque typographies, evoking a feeling of warmth and personality , which results in a friendly and very readable typography, is specially drawn for the composition of any text, signage or headlines, both for printing and for screen.

The typography has 787 glyphs (Latin Extended-A) with capital letters in small caps, advanced OpenType functions, several number games, the Bitcoin symbol and a meticulous configuration of metrics and Kerning.

The styles in italics have lowercase letters of their own and some capital letters, as well as multiple optical corrections to correct the deformations produced by the 8-degree inclination.

I intend to expand the table of characters to add the Greek alphabet and Cyrillic. I appreciate any kind of collaboration and comments to improve this typographic family.

I have included, in the fonts both the individual versions (12 styles) and the variable versions (Regular & Italic) compatible with Adobe CC 2018.




Inferiors, Standard Ligatures, Subscript, Superior letters, Superiors, Oldstyle Figures, Extended Fractions, All Alternates, Small Capitals, Denominators, Alternate Annotation Forms, Capital Spacing, Discretionary Ligatures, Small Capitals From Capitals, Superscript, Slashed Zero, Localized Forms, Fractions, Historical Forms, Numerators, Optical Size, Ordinals, Scientific Inferiors.

Available standar weights Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, ExtraBold

Requirements for editing: FontLab VI, Fontlab 5


ChangeLog: Please list both major and minor changes made to Secuela here (in case of derivative works) - most recent first.

24 november 2018 - Update v1.787
  • Redefinition of the standard weights, now one less, to better appreciate the contrast between them.
  • The letter /W tilt was corrected for a more condensed appearance.
  • Homogenized the upper curve of the letters /a,/o,/e
  • Correction of the blank space on the right in the letter /Æ and kerning
  • Redrawing the letters /æ /œ in the Roman version
  • Adjustment of the width of the letters /O,/G,/C,/D
  • Change in the height of the crossbar of the letter /G
  • Solution in the tail of the letter Q for heavier styles
  • Unicode correction, hsuperior (U + 02B0), isuperior (U + 2071)
  • New design of number 5 in all instances.
  • Correction of vertical symmetry in the clear version of the letter /S
  • Correction of the weight of the tails and reduction of overshoot in the letters: /t,/j,/f and the ligatures with /f and /t
  • Rectilinear modification of / ampersand tail
  • Adjustment and alignment of the shoulder of the letter /r
  • Adjustment of curves and alignment of the letter /a italic versión
  • Adjustment /g character.
  • Redraw of all small numbers: superscript, numerators, denominators, and subscript
  • Redraw of all small lowercase letters.
  • Added inferior glyphs: schewainferior (U+2094), ainferior (U+2090), einferior (U+2091), hinferior (U+2095), iinferior (U+ID62), kinferior (U+2096), linferior (U+2097), minferior (U+2098), ninferior (U+2099), oinferior (U+2092), pinferior (U+209A), rinferior (U+ID63), sinferior (U+209B), tinferior (U+209C), uinferior (U+ID64), vinferior (U+ID65), xinferior (U+2093)
  • Added full set of small lowercase letters (+79 glyphs) in the positions: superscript, numerators, denominators, and subscript.
  • Small lowercase letters added to Kerning.
  • Small lowercase letters added to OpenType features: /dnom, /numr, /subs, /sups, /sinf, /frac
  • Diagonal adjustment of the positions of the small letters and numbers.
  • Adjust on the diagonal between the vertical positions of the small letters and numbers.
  • Complete reconstruction of the italics, discarding the lower curved tail in the lower case.
Update v1.708;rv1003
  • Add ink traps in critical characters.
  • Improve dimensions and hinting.
Update v1.708;rv1002
  • Fixed the Hinting PS
  • Added True Type font versions with TTFAutohint
  • Add editable versions optimized for TTFAutohint
  • Add editable versions OTF - Hinting PS
  • Added editable separate OTF / TTF files for Fontlab 5
20 november 2018 - v.1.708;rv1001
  • Optimization to all the characters with Bar.
  • Fix metrics partialdiff (U+2202)
  • Fix comma in gcommaaccent (U+0123)
  • Optical corrections in multiple characters.
19 November 2018 - v.1.708 - Regular & Italics
  • Optical corrections in several characters, mainly those with oblique lines.
  • Added the glyph in small caps for Maltese language:
  • Slight increase in the height of the small caps.
  • Kerning settings.
  • Added two sheets in the PDF Specimen with text tests in different sizes to test the spacing, kerning and typographic stain.
18 November 2018 - v.1.707 - Regular & Italics
  • Modification of the curves in the characters: S, s,, e, u, m, n, c_t, c,
  • Modification of the design of the characters: a, ae
  • New glyphs: IJ (U+0132), ij (U+0133), longs_t (U+FB05)
  • Modification of the character: germandbls (U+00DF)
  • Reduction of the sidebaring space in the ExtraBold version
  • Reduction of the standard weights in the variable font, from 8 to 6
15 November 2018 - v.1.704
  • Initial release of "Secuela"

License: This Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. This license is copied below, and is also available with a FAQ at:

2018, Fernando Haro (


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