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Battery indicator widget for awesome window manager.


Displays status information from /sys/class/power_supply.


Drop the script into your awesome config folder, e.g.:

cd ~/.config/awesome
git clone

For instant status updates, I recommend to install the following optional dependency:

pacman -S acpid
systemctl enable acpid


All it takes is one additional line in your rc.lua:

    -- Add widgets to the wibox
    s.mywibox:setup {
        { -- Right widgets
            require("battery-widget") {},

This will try to detect battery adapters in /sys/class/power_supply and add one widget for each of them. (With the effect, that this should not crash on machines without batteries)

If you want more control, you can pass the name of a specific adapter as argument to the constructor, e.g.:

local battery_widget = require("battery-widget")
local BAT0 = battery_widget { adapter = "BAT0", ac = "AC" }

s.mywibox:setup {
    { -- Right widgets

Usage Options

Full example:

battery_widget {
    ac = "AC",
    adapter = "BAT0",
    ac_prefix = "AC: ",
    battery_prefix = "Bat: ",
    percent_colors = {
        { 25, "red"   },
        { 50, "orange"},
        {999, "green" },
    listen = true,
    timeout = 10,
    widget_text = "${AC_BAT}${color_on}${percent}%${color_off}",
    widget_font = "Deja Vu Sans Mono 16",
    tooltip_text = "Battery ${state}${time_est}\nCapacity: ${capacity_percent}%",
    alert_threshold = 5,
    alert_timeout = 0,
    alert_title = "Low battery !",
    alert_text = "${AC_BAT}${time_est}"

adapter The pointer located inside of /sys/class/power_supply which corresponds to your battery's status.

ac The pointer located inside of /sys/class/power_supply which corresponds to your AC status.

ac_prefix The prefix to populate ${AC_BAT} when your computer is using ac power. If your font supports unicode characters, you could use "🔌".

battery_prefix The prefix to populate ${AC_BAT} when your computer is using battery power. If your font supports unicode characters, you could use "🔋". Can also be configured as a table like percent_colors to show different prefixes at different battery percentages.

percent_colors (limits for backwards compatibility) The colors that the percentage changes to, as well as the upper-bound limit of when it will change. Ex. {100, "green"} means any percentage lower than 100 is colored green.

listen Tells the widget to listen to updates via acpi_listen. When an event is fired, the widget updates.

timeout The time interval that the widget waits before it updates itself, in seconds.

widget_text, tooltip_text The text which shows up on the toolbar and when you highlight the widget, respectively. Please refer to function battery_widget:update() for other interpolatable variables.

widget_font The font description used for the widget text, for instance "Deja Vu Sans Mono 16". If this is empty or unspecified, the default font will be used.

alert_threshold The percentage used as the maximum value at which an alert will be generated, -1 to disable alerts. Once the alert is dismissed (or expired) it will not show up again until the battery has been charging.

alert_timeout The time after which the alert expire, 0 for no timeout.

alert_title, alert_text The text which shows up on the alert notification, respectively the title and body text.

warn_full_battery, boolean Whether a notification should be displayed when the battery gets fully charged

Usage Examples

Percentage tables can be used for ac_prefix, battery_prefix, and percent_colors to show different things depending on the battery charge level, e.g.:

battery_widget {
    -- Show different prefixes when charging on AC
    ac_prefix = {
        { 25, "not charged" },
        { 50, "1/4 charged" },
        { 75, "2/4 charged" },
        { 95, "3/4 charged" },
        {100, "fully charged" }

    -- Show a visual indicator of charge level when on battery power
    battery_prefix = {
        { 25, "#--- "},
        { 50, "##-- "},
        { 75, "###- "},
        {100, "#### "}

ac_prefix, battery_prefix, and widget_text can be further customized with spans to specify colors or fonts, e.g.:

battery_widget {
    -- Use different colors for ac_prefix and battery_prefix
    ac_prefix = '<span color="red">AC: </span>',
    battery_prefix = '<span color="green">Bat: </span>',

    -- Use a bold font for both prefixes (overrides widget_font)
    widget_text = '<span font="Deja Vu Sans Bold 16">${AC_BAT}</span>${color_on}${percent}%${color_off}'


  • awesome 4.0. May work on 3.5 with minor changes.
  • acpid (optional)