Keyboard layout indicator/switcher widget for awesome-wm
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Keyboard layout indicator+switcher widget for awesome window manager.


Drop the script into your awesome config folder. Suggestion:

cd ~/.config/awesome
git clone


In your rc.lua:

-- load the widget code
local layout_indicator = require("keyboard-layout-indicator")

-- define your layouts
kbdcfg = layout_indicator({
    layouts = {
        {name="dv",  layout="de",  variant="dvorak"},
        {name="de",  layout="de",  variant=nil},
        {name="us",  layout="us",  variant=nil}

-- add the widget to your wibox

-- Add bindings
local globalkeys = awful.util.table.join(
    awful.key({ "Shift"         }, "Shift_R", function() kbdcfg:next() end ),
    awful.key({ "Mod4", "Shift" }, "Shift_R", function() kbdcfg:prev() end ),

NOTE: middle click on the widget executes a prompt which lets you set a custom keyboard layout. However, this will work only if you assign s.mypromptbox as in the awesome 4.0 default rc.lua. Otherwise, you have to rebind the behaviour manually, see the source code.