The Chewing engine for IBus
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IBus-Chewing is an IBus front-end of Chewing, an intelligent Chinese input
method for Zhuyin (BoPoMoFo) users.

Following documents provides further instruction:

COPYING   : GPLv2 Licence
USER-GUIDE: How to use ibus-chewing
INSTALL   : Installation instruction.

Bugs and enhancement can be filed to:
Red Hat Bugzilla:
GitHub ibus-chewing issues:
Google Code IBus:

For debugging ibus-chewing:
1. Quit existing ibus-daemon 
   By right click on IBus systray icon, then quit, or kill the process.
2. Edit  /usr/share/ibus/component/chewing.xml, add "-v 7"
   to turn verbose level 7
3. Run ibus-daemon in command line with following command
   export G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all
   ibus-daemon -rvx