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Parser for multipart/form-data

This module provides a parser for the multipart/form-data format. It can read from a file, a socket or a WSGI environment. The parser can be used to replace cgi.FieldStorage to work around its limitations.


  • Parses multipart/form-data and application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
  • Produces useful error messages in 'strict'-mode.
  • Gracefully handle uploads of unknown size (missing Content-Length header).
  • Fast memory mapped files (io.BytesIO) for small uploads.
  • Temporary files on disk for big uploads.
  • Memory and disk resource limits to prevent DOS attacks.
  • Fixes many shortcomings and bugs of cgi.FieldStorage.
  • 100% test coverage.


  • Only parses multipart/form-data as seen from actual browsers.
    • Not suitable as a general purpose multipart parser (e.g. for multipart emails).
    • No multipart/mixed support (RFC 2388, deprecated in RFC 7578)
    • No encoded-word encoding (RFC 2047).
    • No base64 or quoted-printable transfer encoding.
  • Part headers are expected to be encoded in the charset given to the Multipart/MultipartParser constructor. [For operability considerations, see RFC 7578, section 5.1.]
  • The size of headers are not counted against the in-memory limit (todo).


  • 0.2.4 (27.01.2021) * Consistently decode non-utf8 URL-encoded form-data
  • 0.2.3 (20.11.2020) * Import MutableMapping from (#23) * Fix a few more ResourceWarnings in the test suite (#24) * Allow stream to contain data before first boundary (#25)
  • 0.2.2 (04.09.2020) * Fix #21 ResourceWarnings on Python 3
  • 0.2.1 (13.06.2020) * Fix #20 empty payload
  • 0.2 (19.03.2019) * Dropped support for Python versions below 3.6. Stay on 0.1 if you need Python 2.5+ support.
  • 0.1 (21.06.2010) * First release