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Pixelflut & Pixelwar: Multiplayer canvas. 

What happens if you give a bunch of hackers the ability to change pixel colors on a beamer screen? See yourself :)

p1xelflut uses a very simple (and inefficient) ASCII based network protocol. You can write a basic client in a single line of shell code if you want, but you only get to change a single pixel at a time. If you want to get rectangles, lines, text or images on the screen you have to implement that functionality yourself. That is part of the game.

Pixelflut (python)

Gevent and pygame based python implementation. easier to hack with, but a bit slow. Not recommended for more than 20 players.

    sudo aptitude install python-gevent python-pygame python-cairo
    cd pixelflut
    mkdir save

Pixelwar (java)

Netty based java7 implementation. Very fast but not scriptable (yet). 

    sudo aptitude install maven2 openjdk-7-jdk
    cd pixelwar
    mvn package
    java -jar package/pixelwar*-jar-with-dependencies.jar


Pixelflut at EasterHegg 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany: