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Issues for Defold Editor 2 (and Defold engine)
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Defold Editor 2.0 issues

This repository exists to track issues for the new Defold editor.

The repository also tracks user submitted feature requests and bugs for the engine. Do note that this isn't the master list for engine issues. All engine issues are tracked in a private JIRA project. Issues reported here will get fed into the JIRA project.

Please comment any issue that you don't agree with in terms of the labels below.



This list is more or less also the exact order in which we fix issues. See 'Switches' below for exceptions to this.

  • blocker Something that makes you not want to continue using Defold, including any errors like java exceptions and show-stoppers.
  • serious A bug which has a negative impact on productivity
  • feature A new thing outside the current feature set
  • minor A bug or error, but that doesn't really impact productivity


  • quick-win? We suspect the issue is really quick to fix. We check any such issues after we fix blocker, but before serious issues.
  • embarrassing An issue that severely hurts our pride as coders, which makes it more likely to be fixed faster.
  • duplicate Already reported, but left for adding info
  • engine It's more an issue in the engine part of Defold, rather than editor
  • more-info We need more info from the reporter in order to understand the issue
  • new Automatically added to issues reported from "Help > Report Issue" inside the editor
  • kp Internal use
  • simple Issue suitable for new editor developers


  • text-editor Related to the text editor
  • debugger Related to the built in debugger
  • bob Related to bob/CI
  • 3D Related to 3D
  • documentation Error in documentation
  • jdk We suspect a jvm/javafx bug

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