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# 21FX - An SNES Primary Bootloader (formerly SNES-Hook) This project includes Altium and verilog design files for an SNES CPLD expansion port to perform a simple reset hijacking and present a primary bootloader for the SNES to use. The bootloader is intended to be used in conjunction with byuu's Controller Port Serial Cable for uploading executable code into WRAM.


4/14/2016 - REV C boards back and tested working. The boards now conform to the new SNES expansion bridge DB-25 connector. byuu has produced the IPLROM which is programmed to the EEPROM. Couple of issues with some power off noise to the 232H but nothing serious

21FX - Rev C (Full Release)

In this release we have changed the entire form factor of the board. The board now conforms to a DB-25 connector and will mate to the new SNES expansion bridge. We have also kept the same size CPLD and decided to keep the IPLROM on a separate microchip 5v parallel eeprom chip. Lastly the project no longer targets byuu's USART board. It instead has the connector footprint for the Adafruit FT232H USB transceiver board. The IPLROM targets all back and forth communication through this device.

SNES-Hook v1.1 REV B (Full Release)

Updated top verilog file to include 2 more force/glitch outputs for providing extra current strength on the glitched lines.

SNES-Hook v1.0 (Full Release)

This a preliminary full release of SNES-Hook. In the release is the verilog files, Altium board design files and the quartus project which targets the MAX7000S CPLD on the SNES-Hook board.



A bootloader for the SNES console




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