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Stop JavaScript dependancy accidents today.
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Stop JavaScript dependancy accidents today.


npm -g install depends


At the top of a given js file, you can put dep.provide and dep.require. The names (strings) passed into these functions can be whatever you want. Module names makes sense.


window.lib1 = 'awesome';

. . .


if (window.lib1 != 'awesome') throw('a fit')

. . .


if (window.lib1 != 'awesome') throw('a fit')

This style is largely inspired to Google Closure's goog.provide and goog.require, only without the investment of using Closure Library.

Once that is in place, you'll need to run depends over your js directory to generate a loader file.

depends --loader=mydepends.js --src=./js/

This will search the current directory recursively looking for .js files that inclide dep.provide or dep.require. It will then create a file called mydepends.js (in this example). This file will load all of your js, in order, at runtime.

<script src="mydepends.js"></script>

Including this one file will include all your javascript, in order. If this is not what you want use:

depends --map=mydepends.js --src=./js/

This will just include the map, but not load the js. After that any dep.require statements will cause the js to load syncronously.

Clearly this solution isn't production-worthy, since it downloads each js file individually. For that reason you can run depends without the --loader or --map flags, and it will simply print all the file names in order. The assumption being one can take the output and incorperate it into thier own build system.

If you can think of a more convinient way to handle production, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Node.js lib

this section is a little out of date, see depends.coffe for the real goods

depends is also usable as a node.js library. There are three operations: manage, writeMap and writeLoader.

var depends = require('depends');

depends.manage(directory, function(error, files){ // object {module: filename}
  files.sorted // array [module, module..] in dep order
  files.output // array [filename, filename..] in dep order

  files.writeClient(filename, load, function(error){}); // (load=true) == writeLoader

depends.writeMap(directory, outputFilename, function(error){});
depends.writeLoader(directory, outputFilename, function(error){});
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