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Taskbar menu RSS feed reader.
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Taskbar indicator menu multitool made of widgets. Uses Python 2.7, but may at some point be ported to 3.


  • pytoml
  • PySide

The Boston Calendar widget needs python_dateutil (dateutil) and bs4 (BeautifulSoup).


Vaalbara's config file lives in your OS's equivalent of ~/.vaalbara/config.ini, and uses TOML.

Writing widgets

Widgets must be directories containing an that defines main. This main function must accept a Python dictionary of configuration parameters, and must return an XML menu element.

Eventually there might be a DTD. For now:

  • A menu contains text (the text to display) and menu or item elements.
  • An item contains text and optional attributes:
    • An action attribute determines what to do on click. For now, the only implemented action is navigate, which opens the item's url in a web browser.

Widgets that take configuration should also define default, a string containing TOML.

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