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This is the comamnd line client for deftask. It works on macOS and Linux.




You can download a binary for macOS or Linux from the releases page. Unpack the tarball and place the binary in your PATH.


To install from source,

  1. Install SBCL
  2. Install quicklisp. Do ensure that you add quicklisp to your ~/.sbclrc by running (ql:add-to-init-file).
  3. Download termcolor under ~/quicklisp/local-projects
  4. Optionally, download this fork of cl-json under ~/quicklisp/local-projects. The fork fixes cl-json's handling of non-BMP unicode characters. Without it, characters like certain emojis will not render correctly.
  5. Download the source code for deftask-cli under ~/quicklisp/local-projects
  6. Run sbcl
  7. Run the following commands under SBCL
    * (ql:quickload "deftask-cli")
    * (deftask-cli:build-image)
  8. This will install the deftask binary under your current directory. You should copy this binary to a directory in your PATH.


Getting the access token

To use the command-line app, you need the API access token.

  1. Sign up on
  2. Create a new project if you don't have any
  3. Create a new access token on and copy it
  4. Set the access token via deftask config token ACCESS_TOKEN


List all your projects

$ deftask projects
#1 Project A
#2 Project B
#3 Project C

List tasks for a project (uses the project-id obtained from the project list in the previous command)

$ deftask ls --project 1

Save this project as the default, so you don't need to write --project 1 with every command

$ deftask config project 1

List tasks in a compact style

$ deftask ls --compact

You can also filter (-q) or re-order (-o) tasks

$ deftask ls -q label:bug -o newest
$ deftask ls -q creator 'creator:chaitanya AND created:>2018-11-01'

Create a new task

$ deftask new "title of the latest task"
Created #123

Show a single task and its comments

$ deftask show 123

Comment on a task

$ deftask comment 123 "some comment"

Close a task

deftask close 123

List of commands

The following commands are available:

  config                   Get or set configuration
  project-config           Get or set configuration for a project
  projects                 List projects
  new                      Create a new task
  ls                       List tasks
  show                     View a task
  close                    Close a task
  open                     Reopen a task
  edit                     Edit a task
  comment                  Comment on a task
  edit-comment             Edit a comment

For help on any command, use deftask <command> -h.


For support, contact