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A basic implementation of Chess created over a weekend. May be useful for those looking for a starting point in creating a chess-style game within Unity. It is released under an MIT license.


What Works

  • Pieces move correctly.
  • Visual feedback of available moves for a selected piece.
  • Visual feedback when there are no moves available for a selected piece.
  • Opponents pieces can be captured.
  • Pawns can be promoted (presently automatically to a Queen).
  • Player can play against the computer or in two-player mode.
  • Basic AI which makes unitelligent random moves.
  • As in Shogi, Black's pieces are facing White's, unlike Chess's standard orientation of same direction. This is a design choice.

What Doesn't Work

  • Advanced piece movement such as Castling and En passant are not supported.
  • There is no end game scenario.
  • An algorithm to test for Checkmate needs to be written.
    • Moves should be impossible that enter the King into check, or do not resolve the current check.
  • Potential moves should be ranked in terms of usefulness.
  • A basic computer AI should be developed which chooses intelligent moves.

Play Online

Although the game is optimized for mobile (Android and iOS), it can be played in the browser here.


There are no plans to continue working on this chess implementation.


A full list of credits can be found in Credits.txt.

Further Reading

A number of principles utilized in this project are explained in more detail in various #50-Unity-Tips articles:

  • Binary Serialization
  • iOS Launch Screen