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Welcome to the node-ec2 wiki!


  • Jeremy Ashkenas ~ Code reviews, instant CoffeeScript feedback, rewrites of Gists into idomatic CoffeeScript, and the like.
  • Peteris Krumins ~ Code reads and bug fixes.

Prior Art

  • amazon-ec2 ~ The Ruby implementation of the Amazon Query API bindings mainted by Glenn Rempe inspired the minimal API approach.


Because node-ec2 is a thin layer over the Amazon Query API, you can use the Amazon API Reference to find your way around. Here's an example using RunInstances.

    var request = ec2.request(
    { key: process.env["AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID"]
    , secret: process.env["AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY"]

    var instanceId;"RunInstances", { ImageId: "ami-2d4aa444", KeyName: "launch_key" }, function (response) {
        instanceId = response.instancesSet[0].instanceId;


As you can see, you simply pass the hash object of the name value pairs as they are documented in the Amazon EC2 API page for

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