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Here you go. This is for Issue #2. I added an argument called isNumInt because now prec is being used differently internally and externally.

I ran the test suite you have and the only thing that failed is the build#precision test, which makes sense because the behavior has changed. The test is updated with the isNumInt set to true.

Please review. Thanks!


Not sure I like adding an isNumInt argument, I feel like the old (from int) api can maybe go away.

Also, when making patches, please follow the coding style of the project :)

I will review the changes and think of the isNumInt argument. My initial thoughts are that it isn't needed and we can just stick with the precision.


What do you mean by stick with the precision?


I see. Well, let me know when you have decided. Meanwhile, I'll go with what I have for now. Thanks!



So it seems the main reason the precision/int combination exists is for internal use. I am thinking that a separate method could exist num.fromInt or some such that would have a decimal offset field.


Sweet! Works for me!

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