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Markup problems with textile and markdown
I started off using textile (see README.textile) and could
not get the extended code block options to work. The only
way I could get code blocks to work was by indenting 4
space -- the traditional way -- but the use of the '@' or
'~~~' didn't work.
So I switched to markdown (see README.markdown) and so the
'~~~' code blocks work, but now I can't get ordered lists
to work properly.
Furthermore, there seems to be no way to run my .md files
through a GFM (github-flavored markdown) renderer to be able
to test things: I'm forced to make a change, commit it, go
to github, render it, see the problems and then start the
cycle all over again <argh>!
I did find the old github "Live Preview" page, but that's deprecated
There's also another page which does a
pretty good job of rendering GFM, but it's not a precise fit.
1. Where's the complete documentation for how this stuff works?
2. Where's a REAL preview for this stuff?