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Simplify your view testing. Forget assert_select.

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== BodyMatcher

BodyMatcher simplifies your view testing.  Forget assert_select.

Activate it by including it in your Test::Unit::TestCase class:

  class Test::Unit::TestCase
    include BodyMatcher

    self.use_transactional_fixtures = true
    self.use_instantiated_fixtures  = false

Simple assertions:

  body['#web_results'].should.match /results from the web/i

  body['#categories_dropdown'].should.include "#{topic}[#{count}]" 

Access the attributes:

  body['#name_field'].attributes['value'].should.equal '(your name)'
  body['#name_field']['value'].should.equal '(your name)'

You can also use @response.body['blah'].

The nice part about this is that test failures will print out only
the HTML you're trying to match.

For use with test/spec/rails, which provides the `body' method.  Also 
requires Hpricot. Enjoy.

* Chris Wanstrath [ ]
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