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RubyMemcache error message should not have been removed

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1 parent 3be030a commit 535a23d139a08d54e7088c5ec8dc355dead8f973 @defunkt committed May 2, 2008
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@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@
rescue LoadError
+puts "=> You should be using the `memcache-client' gem. You're using RubyMemcache!" if Object.const_defined?(:RubyMemcache)
require 'acts_as_cached'
Object.send :include, ActsAsCached::Mixin

1 comment on commit 535a23d

sr3d commented on 535a23d Jun 1, 2008

currently the fragment_cache override is not called automatically in the init.rb, so using the cache helper with :ttl will make Rails throw up. I blogged about it here


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