avoid overriding the "cache_key" method for ActiveRecord::Base children #2

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recent rails versions come with a nice cache_key method that concatenates

class_name + id + timestamp

this together with the ActiveRecord "touch" method would work great because
cache expiration is automatic when the record gets updated.

this method "cache_key" is being overwritten in the "cache_fu" plugin.


265     def cache_key
266       self.class.cache_key(cache_id)
267     end

I was thinking that maybe something like this would do:

return super if self.class.superclass.to_s == 'ActiveRecord::Base'

So well, may be it needs a little bit more code and tests to be robust.
but you sort of get the idea.

I forked, and was thinking of making the changes but thought of confirming this

Thanks for rip, cijoe, network-graphs?? and more!


I spent a few more minutes on making it more robust

    def should_override_cache_key?
      return true unless self.respond_to? :class
      return true unless self.class.respond_to? :superclass
      return true unless self.class.superclass.respond_to? :to_s
      return true unless self.class.superclass.to_s == 'ActiveRecord::Base'
      !self.class.respond_to? :cache_key

    def cache_key
      should_override_cache_key? ? self.class.cache_key(cache_id) : super

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