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mcolyer commented Mar 31, 2011

Currently if the build queue is enabled and you queue a branch to build and another branch is currently being built, CI Joe forgets which branch you asked to build. This pull request implements a simple in memory queue to capture that information branch.

Branches are built in the order requested and if a request has already been made for a branch a second one won't be added. This branch also changes the configuration option slightly, as a file location is no longer required (an updated README is included).

Matt Colyer added some commits Mar 31, 2011

Matt Colyer Properly queue build requests with branch names.
Previously, if a branch was requested to be built while another one was running, cijoe would just build the default branch upon finishing (as the branch name wasn't stored).
Matt Colyer Tests shouldn't print things. Also use whitespace properly. 291419e
Matt Colyer Add logging to queueing. 9cf0bed

queso commented Apr 19, 2011


This looks interesting. Just curious, why add the logging method, just for debugging?

mcolyer commented Apr 19, 2011

I added the debugging as it seemed appropriate with the other types of logging already currently in cijoe. It's also currently the only way to tell if your branch has been added to the queue or not.


cmeiklejohn commented May 26, 2011

I'd love to see this added. Anything I can do to help?


cmeiklejohn commented Jun 2, 2011

Any movement here? Would love to see this pulled in.


cmeiklejohn commented Jun 10, 2011



cmeiklejohn commented Jun 19, 2011

Bump. Is anyone actively maintaining this at this point?

@queso queso added a commit that referenced this pull request Jun 22, 2011

@queso queso Merge pull request #57 from mcolyer/build-queue-supports-branches
Build queue supports branches

@queso queso merged commit 46c559e into defunkt:master Jun 22, 2011

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