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;; JavaScript Keywords
(defvar coffee-js-keywords
'("if" "else" "true" "false" "new" "return" "try" "catch"
"finally" "throw" "break" "continue" "for" "in" "while"
"delete" "instanceof" "typeof" "switch" "super" "extends"
;; Reserved keywords either by JS or CS.
(defvar coffee-js-reserved
'("case" "default" "do" "function" "var" "void" "with"
"const" "let" "debugger" "enum" "export" "import" "native"
"__extends" "__hasProp"))
;; CoffeeScript keywords.
(defvar coffee-cs-keywords
'("then" "unless" "yes" "no" "on" "off" "and" "or" "is"
"isnt" "not" "of" "by" "where" "when"))
(defvar coffee-keywords-regexp (regexp-opt
coffee-cs-keywords) 'words))
(setq coffee-types '(""))
(defvar coffee-type-regexp (regexp-opt coffee-types 'words))
(defvar coffee-constant-regexp "")
(setq coffee-events '(""))
(defvar coffee-event-regexp (regexp-opt coffee-events 'words))
(setq coffee-functions '(""))
(defvar coffee-functions-regexp (regexp-opt coffee-functions 'words))
;; create the list for font-lock.
;; each class of keyword is given a particular face
(defvar coffee-font-lock-keywords
(,coffee-type-regexp . font-lock-type-face)
(,coffee-constant-regexp . font-lock-constant-face)
(,coffee-event-regexp . font-lock-builtin-face)
(,coffee-functions-regexp . font-lock-function-name-face)
(,coffee-keywords-regexp . font-lock-keyword-face)
;; note: order above matters. `coffee-keywords-regexp' goes last because
;; otherwise the keyword "state" in the function "state_entry"
;; would be highlighted.
;; define the mode
(define-derived-mode coffee-mode fundamental-mode
"Major mode for editing CoffeeScript..."
;; code for syntax highlighting
(setq font-lock-defaults '((coffee-font-lock-keywords)))
;; modify the keymap
(define-key coffee-mode-map [remap comment-dwim] 'coffee-comment-dwim)
;; perl style comment: "# ..."
(modify-syntax-entry ?# "< b" coffee-mode-syntax-table)
(modify-syntax-entry ?\n "> b" coffee-mode-syntax-table)
;; clear memory
(setq coffee-keywords-regexp nil)
(setq coffee-types-regexp nil)
(setq coffee-constants-regexp nil)
(setq coffee-events-regexp nil)
(setq coffee-functions-regexp nil))
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