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;; Major thanks to
;; the instructions.
;; Commands
(defvar coffee-mode-version "0.1.0"
"The version of this `coffee-mode'.")
(defvar coffee-command "coffee"
"The CoffeeScript command used for evaluating code. Must be in your
(defvar coffee-command-args '("-s" "-p" "--no-wrap")
"The command line arguments to pass to `coffee-command' to get it to
print the compiled JavaScript.")
(defun coffee-command-full ()
"The full `coffee-command' complete with args."
(mapconcat 'identity (append (list coffee-command) coffee-command-args) " "))
(defvar coffee-js-mode 'js2-mode
"The mode to use when viewing compiled JavaScript.")
(defvar coffee-compiled-buffer-name "*coffee-compiled*"
"The name of the scratch buffer used when compiling CoffeeScript.")
(defun coffee-compile-buffer ()
"Compiles the current buffer and displays the JS in the other buffer."
(coffee-compile-region (point-min) (point-max))))
(defun coffee-compile-region (start end)
"Compiles a region and displays the JS in the other buffer."
(interactive "r")
(let ((buffer (get-buffer coffee-compiled-buffer-name)))
(when buffer
(kill-buffer buffer)))
(call-process-region start end coffee-command nil
(get-buffer-create coffee-compiled-buffer-name)
"-s" "-p" "--no-wrap")
(switch-to-buffer-other-frame (get-buffer coffee-compiled-buffer-name))
(funcall coffee-js-mode)
(defun coffee-show-version ()
"Prints the `coffee-mode' version."
(message (concat "coffee-mode v" coffee-mode-version)))
(defun coffee-open-reference ()
"Open browser to CoffeeScript reference."
(browse-url ""))
(defun coffee-open-github ()
"Open browser to `coffee-mode' project on GithHub."
(browse-url ""))
;; Menubar
(easy-menu-define coffee-mode-menu coffee-mode-map
"Menu for CoffeeScript mode"
["Compile Buffer" coffee-compile-buffer]
["Compile Region" coffee-compile-region]
["CoffeeScript reference" coffee-open-reference]
["coffee-mode on GitHub" coffee-open-github]
["Version" coffee-show-version]
;; Define Language Syntax
;; Assignment
(defvar coffee-type-regexp ".+?:")
;; Instance variables (implicit this)
(defvar coffee-constant-regexp "@\\w*\\|this")
;; Booleans
(defvar coffee-functions-regexp "\\b\\(true\\|false\\|yes\\|no\\|on\\|off\\)\\b")
;; Unused
(defvar coffee-event-regexp "")
;; JavaScript Keywords
(defvar coffee-js-keywords
'("if" "else" "new" "return" "try" "catch"
"finally" "throw" "break" "continue" "for" "in" "while"
"delete" "instanceof" "typeof" "switch" "super" "extends"
;; Reserved keywords either by JS or CS.
(defvar coffee-js-reserved
'("case" "default" "do" "function" "var" "void" "with"
"const" "let" "debugger" "enum" "export" "import" "native"
"__extends" "__hasProp"))
;; CoffeeScript keywords.
(defvar coffee-cs-keywords
'("then" "unless" "and" "or" "is"
"isnt" "not" "of" "by" "where" "when"))
;; Regular expression combining the above three lists.
(defvar coffee-keywords-regexp (regexp-opt
coffee-cs-keywords) 'words))
;; Create the list for font-lock.
;; Each class of keyword is given a particular face
(defvar coffee-font-lock-keywords
(,coffee-type-regexp . font-lock-type-face)
(,coffee-constant-regexp . font-lock-variable-name-face)
(,coffee-event-regexp . font-lock-builtin-face)
(,coffee-functions-regexp . font-lock-constant-face)
(,coffee-keywords-regexp . font-lock-keyword-face)
;; note: order above matters. `coffee-keywords-regexp' goes last because
;; otherwise the keyword "state" in the function "state_entry"
;; would be highlighted.
;; Helper Functions
;; The command to comment/uncomment text
(defun coffee-comment-dwim (arg)
"Comment or uncomment current line or region in a smart way.
For detail, see `comment-dwim'."
(interactive "*P")
(require 'newcomment)
(let ((deactivate-mark nil) (comment-start "#") (comment-end ""))
(comment-dwim arg)))
;; Indentation
;; The theory here is simple:
;; When you press TAB, indent the line unless doing so would make the
;; current line more than two indentation levels deepers than the
;; previous line. If that's the case, remove all indentation.
;; Consider this code, with point at the position indicated by the
;; carot:
;; line1()
;; line2()
;; line3()
;; ^
;; Pressing TAB will produce the following code:
;; line1()
;; line2()
;; line3()
;; ^
;; Pressing TAB again will produce this code:
;; line1()
;; line2()
;; line3()
;; ^
;; And so on.
(defun coffee-indent-line ()
"Indent current line as CoffeeScript"
(let ((prev-indent 0) (cur-indent 0))
;; Figure out the indentation of the previous line
(forward-line -1)
(setq prev-indent (current-indentation))
;; Figure out the current line's indentation
(forward-line 1)
(setq cur-indent (current-indentation))
;; Shift one column to the left
(backward-to-indentation 0)
;; We're too far, remove all indentation.
(when (> (- (current-indentation) prev-indent) tab-width)
(backward-to-indentation 0)
(delete-region (point-at-bol) (point))))))
;; Define Major Mode
(define-derived-mode coffee-mode fundamental-mode
"Major mode for editing CoffeeScript..."
(define-key coffee-mode-map (kbd "A-r") 'coffee-compile-buffer)
;; (define-key coffee-mode-map (kbd "A-R") 'coffee-execute-line)
(define-key coffee-mode-map [remap comment-dwim] 'coffee-comment-dwim)
;; code for syntax highlighting
(setq font-lock-defaults '((coffee-font-lock-keywords)))
;; perl style comment: "# ..."
(modify-syntax-entry ?# "< b" coffee-mode-syntax-table)
(modify-syntax-entry ?\n "> b" coffee-mode-syntax-table)
(setq comment-start "#")
;; single quote strings
(modify-syntax-entry ?' "\"" coffee-mode-syntax-table)
(modify-syntax-entry ?' "\"" coffee-mode-syntax-table)
;; regular expressions
(modify-syntax-entry ?/ "\"" coffee-mode-syntax-table)
(modify-syntax-entry ?/ "\"" coffee-mode-syntax-table)
;; indentation
(make-local-variable 'indent-line-function)
(setq indent-line-function 'coffee-indent-line)
;; no tabs
(setq indent-tabs-mode nil)
;; clear memory
(setq coffee-keywords-regexp nil)
(setq coffee-types-regexp nil)
(setq coffee-constants-regexp nil)
(setq coffee-events-regexp nil)
(setq coffee-functions-regexp nil))
;; On Load
;; Run coffee-mode for files ending in .coffee.
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.coffee$" . coffee-mode))
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