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adding undefined to reserved words as part of coffee-boolean-regexp (…

…not a proper boolean, but seemed the best fit)
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1 parent a9c8f48 commit 3900a8c97649c512b2b7e63b86406f6ed3bf4ee9 @Wilfred Wilfred committed Oct 5, 2011
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@@ -324,7 +324,7 @@ If FILENAME is omitted, the current buffer's file name is used."
(defvar coffee-namespace-regexp "\\b\\(class\\s +\\(\\S +\\)\\)\\b")
;; Booleans
-(defvar coffee-boolean-regexp "\\b\\(true\\|false\\|yes\\|no\\|on\\|off\\|null\\)\\b")
+(defvar coffee-boolean-regexp "\\b\\(true\\|false\\|yes\\|no\\|on\\|off\\|null\\|undefined\\)\\b")
;; Regular Expressions
(defvar coffee-regexp-regexp "\\/\\(\\\\.\\|\\[\\(\\\\.\\|.\\)+?\\]\\|[^/]\\)+?\\/")

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