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Merge pull request #42 from semperos/cygwin-path-support

Add support for Cygwin-style absolute paths on Windows Systems
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2 parents 14a0d56 + e8fd539 commit 58c1401b287df2f6985926fbaa27e2d56bcd97ec @defunkt committed Aug 16, 2011
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  1. +24 −1 coffee-mode.el
@@ -109,6 +109,16 @@ path."
:type 'list
:group 'coffee)
+(defcustom coffee-cygwin-mode t
+ "For Windows systems, add support for Cygwin-style absolute paths."
+ :type 'boolean
+ :group 'coffee)
+(defcustom coffee-cygwin-prefix "/cygdrive/C"
+ "The prefix with which to replace the drive-letter for your Windows partition, e.g. 'C:' would be replaced by '/c/cygdrive'."
+ :type 'string
+ :group 'coffee)
(defcustom coffee-compiled-buffer-name "*coffee-compiled*"
"The name of the scratch buffer used when compiling CoffeeScript."
:type 'string
@@ -329,9 +339,22 @@ For detail, see `comment-dwim'."
(let ((deactivate-mark nil) (comment-start "#") (comment-end ""))
(comment-dwim arg)))
+(defun coffee-cygwin-path (expanded-file-name)
+ "Given an expanded file name, derive the absolute Cygwin path based on `coffee-cygwin-prefix'."
+ (replace-regexp-in-string "^[a-zA-Z]:" coffee-cygwin-prefix expanded-file-name t))
+(defun coffee-universal-path (file-name)
+ "Handle different paths for different OS configurations for CoffeeScript"
+ (let ((full-file-name (expand-file-name file-name)))
+ (if (and (equal system-type 'windows-nt)
+ coffee-cygwin-mode)
+ (coffee-cygwin-path full-file-name)
+ full-file-name)))
(defun coffee-command-compile (file-name)
"The `coffee-command' with args to compile a file."
- (mapconcat 'identity (append (list coffee-command) coffee-args-compile (list file-name)) " "))
+ (let ((full-file-name (coffee-universal-path file-name)))
+ (mapconcat 'identity (append (list coffee-command) coffee-args-compile (list full-file-name)) " ")))
;; imenu support

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