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Added support for iced coffeescript await and defer keywords.

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1 parent e8b2ab6 commit 80ebae660cb4aec91fa8e06843300b63e95b3e5a Marius Kjeldahl committed with Justine Tunney Apr 10, 2012
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7 coffee-mode.el
@@ -277,12 +277,17 @@ called `coffee-compiled-buffer-name'."
'("then" "unless" "and" "or" "is"
"isnt" "not" "of" "by" "where" "when"))
+;; Iced CoffeeScript keywords
+(defvar iced-coffee-cs-keywords
+ '("await" "defer"))
;; Regular expression combining the above three lists.
(defvar coffee-keywords-regexp (regexp-opt
- coffee-cs-keywords) 'words))
+ coffee-cs-keywords
+ iced-coffee-cs-keywords) 'words))
;; Create the list for font-lock. Each class of keyword is given a

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