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Fix compiling `coffee-mode' without loading it.

The variable `coffee-debug-mode' isn't defined at compile-time but used
when expanding the `setd' macro.
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1 parent 6639c36 commit cd06e4e6ebb60ac29cb90aaa31df89ba05d9a288 @mkhl mkhl committed with Apr 3, 2010
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@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ print the compiled JavaScript."
(defmacro setd (var val)
"Like setq but optionally logs the variable's value using `coffee-debug'."
- (if coffee-debug-mode
+ (if (and (boundp 'coffee-debug-mode) coffee-debug-mode)
(coffee-debug "%s: %s" ',var ,val)
(setq ,var ,val))

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