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bartt commented Dec 6, 2011

Hi Chris,

As discussed in #44 you're open to serving CSS & images but prefer a different location.

In this patch, CSS is served from ~/.js/css and images from ~/.jss/images. I've also updated the Chrome extension to auto-load CSS upon page load. No longer does one need to JS to insert style tags.

I hope you'll accept this patch and merge it in. It would also close #44.



jm3 commented Jan 10, 2012

i would be a fan of this!


Why not ~/.js/asssets or ~/.js/static?



diffsky commented Feb 21, 2013



is this going to be merged?

sheerun commented May 14, 2013

I think css should be served from ~/.css and images from ~/.images or the extension base directory should be renamed to ~/.dotjs


Good point.


I implemented this on my fork ( The behaviour differs a little, but the idea is the same. I put up some specs to and everything seems to be working fine. I'd appreciate if anyone would help with testing it.

Bart Teeuwisse added some commits May 6, 2014
Atrox commented Aug 14, 2014

If this get merged, please replace the .js directory with .dotjs and put there 3 folders called 'js', 'css' and 'images'. Would be the prettiest?
👍 for the Idea!

Bart Teeuwisse added some commits Dec 11, 2014
Bart Teeuwisse Merge branch 'master' into css-images
Bart Teeuwisse Make it work for CSS & images
Use because localhost mapped to an IPV6 address in /etc/hosts
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