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Better subdomain support #61

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I use a banking site that uses random, I wanted to just have ~/.js/ and have it apply to any subdomain. This patch will do that. Given a url of / it will try to return [default.js,,] in that order.

It also includes my attempt at hacking in some unit tests for the daemon.

I think this would also resolve issue #20.

darrinholst added some commits Mar 3, 2012
@darrinholst darrinholst serves all js files for the given domain
if is requested this will serve default.js,, and for any that are available
@darrinholst darrinholst default the port when not passed 7c1336f
parkr commented May 15, 2012

+1. I like to browse @waferbaby's and it makes extensive use of subdomains. I'd love to have apply to all subdomains of this site.

defunkt commented Aug 29, 2012

Added in 047e2bf

@defunkt defunkt closed this Aug 29, 2012
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