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<title>gist(1) - gist on the command line</title>
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<body id='manpage'>
<div class='mp' id='man'>
<div class='man-navigation' style='display:none'>
<a href="#NAME">NAME</a>
<a href="#SYNOPSIS">SYNOPSIS</a>
<a href="#OPTIONS">OPTIONS</a>
<a href="#EXAMPLES">EXAMPLES</a>
<a href="#BUGS">BUGS</a>
<a href="#AUTHOR">AUTHOR</a>
<a href="#SEE-ALSO">SEE ALSO</a>
<ol class='man-decor man-head man head'>
<li class='tl'>gist(1)</li>
<li class='tc'>Gist Manual</li>
<li class='tr'>gist(1)</li>
<h2 id="NAME">NAME</h2>
<p class="man-name">
<code>gist</code> - <span class="man-whatis">gist on the command line</span>
<p><code>gist</code> [<code>-p</code>] [<code>-t extension</code>] <var>FILE|-</var></p>
<p><code>gist</code> can be used to create gists on from the command
line. There are two primary methods of creating gists.</p>
<p>If standard input is supplied, it will be used as the content of the
new gist. If <var>FILE</var> is provided, the content of that file will be used
to create the gist. If <var>FILE</var> is '-' then gist will wait for content
from standard input.</p>
<p>Once your gist is successfully created, the URL will be copied to your
clipboard. If you are on OS X, <code>gist</code> will open the gist in your
browser, too.</p>
<h2 id="OPTIONS">OPTIONS</h2>
<p><code>gist</code>'s default mode of operation is to read content from standard
input and create a public, text gist without description from it, tied
to your GitHub account if you user and passwordare provided (see
<p>These options can be used to change this behavior:</p>
<dt><code>-p</code>, <code>--private</code></dt><dd><p>Create a private gist instead of a public gist.</p></dd>
<dt><code>-t</code>, <code>--type</code></dt><dd><p>Set the file extension explicitly. Passing a type of <code>rb</code> ensures
the gist is created as a Ruby file.</p></dd>
<dt><code>-d</code>, <code>--description</code></dt><dd><p>Set a description.</p></dd>
<dt><code>-o</code>, <code>--[no-]open</code></dt><dd><p>Open the gist in your browser after creation. Or don't. Defaults
to --open</p></dd>
<p>You may additionally ask for help:</p>
<dt><code>-h</code>, <code>--help</code></dt><dd><p>Print help.</p></dd>
<dt><code>-m</code>, <code>--man</code></dt><dd><p>Display this man page.</p></dd>
<p>There are two ways to set GitHub user and password info:</p>
<li><p>Using environment vars GITHUB_USER and GITHUB_PASSWORD</p>
<p>$ export GITHUB_USER=johndoe<br />
$ export GITHUB_PASSWORD=mysecretgithubpassword<br />
$ gist ~/example</p></li>
<li><p>Using <span class="man-ref">git-config<span class="s">(1)</span></span></p></li>
<p>Use <span class="man-ref">git-config<span class="s">(1)</span></span> to display the currently configured GitHub username:</p>
<pre><code>$ git config --global github.user
<p>Or, set the GitHub username with:</p>
<pre><code>$ git config --global github.user &lt;username>
<p>See <a href="" data-bare-link="true"></a> for more
<p>You can set a few options in your git config (using <span class="man-ref">git-config<span class="s">(1)</span></span>) to
control the default behavior of <a class="man-ref" href="gist.1.ron.html">gist<span class="s">(1)</span></a>.</p>
<li><p>gist.private - boolean (yes or no) - Determines whether to make a gist
private by default</p></li>
<li><p>gist.extension - string - Default extension for gists you create.</p></li>
<li><p>gist.browse - boolean (yes or no) - Whether to open the gist in your
browser after creation. Default: yes</p></li>
<p>The following environment variables affect the execution of <code>gist</code>:</p>
<li>HTTP_PROXY - Proxy to use when Gisting. Should be "http://host:port/"</li>
<pre><code>$ gist &lt; file.txt
$ echo secret | gist --private
$ echo "puts :hi" | gist -t rb
$ gist
$ gist -
the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
<h2 id="BUGS">BUGS</h2>
<p><a href="" data-bare-link="true"></a></p>
<h2 id="AUTHOR">AUTHOR</h2>
<p>Chris Wanstrath ::</p>
<h2 id="SEE-ALSO">SEE ALSO</h2>
<p><span class="man-ref">hub<span class="s">(1)</span></span>, <span class="man-ref">git<span class="s">(1)</span></span>, <span class="man-ref">git-clone<span class="s">(1)</span></span>,
<a href="" data-bare-link="true"></a>,
<a href="" data-bare-link="true"></a></p>
<ol class='man-decor man-foot man foot'>
<li class='tl'>GITHUB</li>
<li class='tc'>November 2012</li>
<li class='tr'>gist(1)</li>
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