Fixes the extension issue for -t syntax highlighting, and the filename for stdin #95

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ddd commented Apr 25, 2012

Its a cheap fix, man, but it does work :)

I tested all these permutations:

cat blah | gist -t rb
gist -t sh blah.rb
rvm info | gist -t sh

Of course if no extension is given, or if there is none on the file, the gist isn't syntax highlighted on GH.
As I said, cheap and dirty but its working.

Deryl R. Doucette added some commits Apr 25, 2012

Deryl R. Doucette Cheap fix but, guess what, it works! Once again supports extensions, …
…and again handles when you pass -t
Deryl R. Doucette Same fix as 2a13189 - Fixes extension issue af9aeca

so much issues with this software that you have to hunt for every PR or commit to get it right :-(

jgoulah commented May 3, 2012

+1 this works

goodell commented May 5, 2012

I think a simpler version of this is 8482139

goodell commented May 5, 2012

nevermind, this doesn't handle your second test case correctly (gist -t sh blah.rb)

dentarg commented Jun 14, 2012


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