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This repository is stale. Ownership change? #89

sheerun opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I've installed Github command, I tried two commands, and both failed.

I see lot of pull request, lot of issues and no code changes. Maybe it's time to change the ownership of this repository? Who are the maintainers?


I have the same question.

The official `github` command line helper for simplifying your GitHub experience.

i fell like this is not very typical for github. they usually care a lot about their projects. i think they should do something about the command line thing...


@defunkt, is anyone working on this? I'd like to use the official command line tools too.


This is not an official gem anymore. I've updated the description.


@defunkt But is it maintained, or even expected to work? If not, please board up the broken windows. As noted at github/hub#296, it's not clear why this exists alongside hub.


@mojombo I just saw that you got owner access - great! Please can you update the README to correctly set expectations about the future of this project? Thanks!

@rmm5t rmm5t referenced this issue in github/hub

overlap with github-gem is confusing #296

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