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I work on projects on GitHub that receives a fair number of pull requests, and most of the time I need to make some slight adjustments on them before merging changes. I also do fetch+rebase when merging pull requests in an attempt to create more linear history. I find it easier to comprehend what was going on that way.

To that end, I added a command to do this in one shot:

  • you run "github fetch-pull 3" where 3 indicates a pull request ID.
  • the command looks at your remote and figure out which repository this is.
  • it then fetches and rebases the pull request, then finishes.

If you find this command useful, would you please consider merging it?


Here's a commit that adds support for private repos to kohsuke's fetch-pull feature:


@kohsuke kohsuke Merge pull request #1 from nixon/fetch-pull_orgs
Support for private repositories.

The change mentioned in the comment from nixon is now merged into this pull request.

nixon and others added some commits Jun 28, 2011
@nixon nixon provide a fetch-pull merge alternative
add merge, rebase and do-nothing options to the fetch-pull command.  i
like being able to fetch a pull request by number, but sometimes i'd
rather not have the rebase happen automatically.
@kohsuke kohsuke Merge pull request #2 from nixon/fetch-pull_with_options
Fetch pull with options
@kohsuke kohsuke Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
@kohsuke kohsuke Switching to OAuth token
There's a lot more work to be done to convert other calls, but this is a
@kohsuke kohsuke If the user is in org, check out via SSH. 77bd86c
@kohsuke kohsuke canonicalize the path so that link to bin can be a symlink 11ba1ae
@kohsuke kohsuke improved the definition 7013e65
@kohsuke kohsuke far simpler implementation of fetch-pull a71785f
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