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ToDo List
* flick up/down to browse commits
* status bar (when clones/fetches are happening)
* about page - who did this
* how to page
* sharing screen - so people can see how to clone
* delete a repo
* public / private repos
* commit key for private repos
GitHub Features
* github user/pass login
* a "search github" feature
* fork/clone a github project
* send a pull request
* add a list of remotes of people that forked you
Implementation Get-Back-Tos
* second fetches break
* read/write blob data from disk rather than memory to handle objects > 100M
* doesn't save/check saved delta objects
* won't handle multi-depth refs 'chacon/master', etc
* doesn't handle ofs-deltas, but the client shouldn't be sending them
* doesn't keep objects in packs