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fs = require 'fs'
print = (s) -> fs.write "/dev/stderr", s, 'w'
page = new WebPage()
page.onConsoleMessage = (msg) -> console.error msg
timeoutId = null
deferTimeout = ->
clearTimeout timeoutId if timeoutId
timeoutId = setTimeout ->
console.error "Timeout"
phantom.exit 1
, 3000 phantom.args[0], ->
setInterval ->
tests = page.evaluate ->
tests = document.getElementById('qunit-tests').children
for test in tests when test.className isnt 'running' and not test.recorded
test.recorded = true
if test.className is 'pass'
else if test.className is 'fail'
for test in tests when test
print test
result = page.evaluate ->
result = document.getElementById('qunit-testresult')
tests = document.getElementById('qunit-tests').children
if result.innerText.match /completed/
console.error ""
for test in tests when test.className is 'fail'
console.error test.innerText
console.error result.innerText
return parseInt result.getElementsByClassName('failed')[0].innerText
phantom.exit result if result?
, 100
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